This page contains important information that is applicable to all users.


Each time you log in to UAConnect, the system opens to your main homepage where you can easily navigate to pages or screens that you commonly use.

You may have multiple homepages based on your UAConnect roles. Click the homepage title in the center of the banner to access your other homepages. This is important to know if you are an administrative employee who is also taking classes or teaching classes. You will have the UA Administrative Users homepage, along with a Student homepage, a Faculty/Advisory homepage, or any other homepages you may create to assist in doing your job.

Homepage = A collection of related tiles.

Tiles = Links to specific pages or groups of related pages.

Homepage and Tiles


Top Banner

Top Banner

Top Banner Breakdown



NavBar    NavBar Options



It is easy to navigate in UAConnect, either from your homepage or from the Navigator icon. Following are instructions on the process.

From your Homepage

Your homepage will contain your default tile(s) and any additional tiles you may choose to add.

1. Click the tile to open the page that you wish to access.

2. Many homepage tiles will open to a single page, while other open to a collection of pages. You will find the pages collection on the left side list. Just click the link to open the page you wish to access.

3. When finished, click the back button in the banner to return to the previous page.

From the Navigator

Using the Navigator tool in the banner allows you to access all your pages in UAConnect.

1. Click the Navigator Icon in the NavBar to open and view the available folders.

Navigator Icon

2. Click through the folders to locate the desired page.

3. To navigate back:

a. Click the left arrow at the top of the NavBar to go back one level.

b. Click the up arrow to return to the main Navigator menu.


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Each term (semester) is assigned a four-digit code to identify it in UAConnect. Some terms will contain multiple sessions, such as Intersessions and Eight Week sessions. The following table describes how to decipher and interpret this code.


Term Codes table

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Following are instructions to enable or disable the Accessibility Features found in UAConnect. Students, faculty and staff have different access points.

You must SAVE and log out of UAConnect then log back in for your changes to be in effect.

Administrative Users Homepage

1. Click the Menu icon.

2. Click Accessibility Options

3. Click the Click Here to turn it ON link

Admin user page


Student Homepage

1. Click the Profile Tile

2. Click Accessibility Options

3. Click the Click Here to turn it ON link

Student Options


Faculty & Advisor Homepages

1. Click the Faculty or Advisor Homepage

2. Click the Accessibility Options

3. Click the Click Here to turn it ON link

Faculty/Advisory Accessibility Features

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Follow the instructions below to create a new homepage in UAConnect. You can create multiple homepages, allowing the flexibility to combine the screens required for specific tasks.

Create a Homepage

1. Navigate to the page you wish to have as a homepage.

2. Click the Menu icon from that page.


3. Select Add to Homepage from the Action Menu Icon in the banner.

4. Choose from available homepages OR create a new homepage.

Add to Homepage

5. Click the Add button. You will receive notification when the page is added to a new homepage.

6. The new tile will appear on the homepage you selected.


Verify New Tile on the Homepage

Once you have saved the screen to your homepage, click the link in the left corner. You will move back one level to the indicated homepage.


Class Search tile

You can also click the Homepage dropdown menu in the center of the banner to view all your homepages. Select the homepage you wish to use and view all the tiles that have been added.

Homepage dropdown menu


Delete a Homepage or Tile

1. Click the Menu icon in the top banner and select the Personalize Homepage link.

Personalize Homepage

2. Click the X button on the Homepage you wish to delete.

Delete Homepage


3. Select the Homepage from which the tile should be removed.

Personalize Homepage

4.  Click the X button on the tile you wish to delete.

5.  Click Save when finished.

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UAConnect Parent Center accounts rely on the university's Azure single sign on which requires a Microsoft account. If the parent or family member already has a Microsoft associated account, it should be used for the Parent Center.

If the parent or family member has an existing Microsoft account and changes the username or password for the Parent Center account, those changes will also automatically change the existing Microsoft email account.

Following is a list of some Microsoft associated accounts. As this is not intended to be a comprehensive list, any questions regarding a Microsoft email account should be addressed to Microsoft Support.

  • Windows 8 and later
  • Windows Server 2012 and later
  • Windows components
    • Calendar
    • Cortana
    • Groove Music
    • Feedback Hub
    • Mail
    • Movies & TV
    • Microsoft Store
    • Outlook Express
    • Windows Messenger
  • Windows Phone 7 and later
  • Windows Phone Store
  • Bing
  • Exchange Online
  • Exchange Online Protection
  • Microsoft Office
  • Office 365
  • Office Online
  • OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive)
  • (formerly Hotmail)
  • People
  • Skype
  • System Center Advisor
  • Visual Studio
  • Windows Azure
  • Windows Insider Program
  • Windows Live Messenger
  • Windows Movie Maker
  • Windows Photo Gallery
  • Xbox Live

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If you have more than one Homepage, you may want to change the order so a different one will automatically open when you log in to UAConnect. The following instructions will assist you in making that change.

It is important to note that this feature is available for Faculty and Administrative users only.

1. From your current homepage, click the Action Menu icon in the banner.

2. Click Personalize Homepage.

Administrative User homepage

3. In the left menu click and drag to the top position the homepage you want as your starting page.

Dragging homepage change to top of list                New homepage order

4. Click Save.

5. Sign out and log back in to UAConnect. Your new homepage will open.

PDF link

User Defaults will auto-populate field values in search pages and data entry pages based on your access. They are very useful tools for making data entry easier and faster. User Defaults are only available for administrative users.

The User Defaults component contains several pages, however, this document describes User Defaults 1 and User Defaults 4, which are most generally used.

All other User Default pages are specific to Admissions, Registrar and Financial staff and do not need to be filled in.

Enter as many or as few fields as makes sense for your job. You may change your User Defaults as often as needed. You can always change from the default settings and choose another option when you enter UAConnect.


User Defaults 1

1. Click the UA Administrative Users tile. The User Defaults 1 page is now open.

2. Type in the values for the noted fields. Click the magnifying glass icon to look up the field values and set only those that you wish to have.

3. Click Save when finished.

User Default ! page


1. Academic Institution = THEUA

2. Academic Career = Enter one that matches the majority of students that you work with.

3. Academic Group = Enter your college or leave the field blank.

4. Subject Area = Enter the subject code or leave the field blank.

5. Term = Enter a term code or leave the field blank.

6. Academic Program = Enter a college or school, or leave the field blank.

7. Academic Plan = Enter a major and degree or leave the field blank.

8. Academic Sub-Plan = Enter a sub-concentration or leave the field blank.


User Defaults 4

The Carry ID default allows you to change pages without having to re-enter the ID.

1. Click the Carry ID check box.

2. Click Save.

User Default 4 page

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Frequently used UAConnect pages can be set as Favorites for quick access without having to use the full navigation path.

Favorites saved as part of your UAConnect ID are available to you from any computer that can access the system. However, be aware that only UAConnect pages may be saved as UAC favorites.


Create Favorites

1. Navigate to the page you wish to designate as a Favorite.

2. Click Add to Favorites from the Action Menu icon in the banner. Note that you may also save the page to your Homepage or to the NavBar.

Image of Action Menu

a. The Add to Favorites page opens and displays the page name as the default in the Description field.

b. Click the OK button to save.

c. Click the NavBar icon and then click the My Favorites icon to view your new favorite.


Editing and Organizing Favorites

The Edit Favorites page displays a list of your UAC favorites and their display order sequence numbers. Note that if all the sequence numbers are zeros, the favorites sort alphabetically.

Click the Edit Favorites link in the Favorites icon.

Image of Edit Favorites page

1. To rename a favorite, highlight the Favorite field and enter a new name.

2. To reorder your favorites, enter the desired sequence number for each favorite and click Save. The Edit Favorites list sorts by the new sequence numbers.

3. To refresh the My Favorites folder and view your changes:

a. Close the folder.

b. Reopen the My Favorites folder.

c. My Favorites is now reorganized as specified on the Edit Favorites page.


Using Favorites

1. To use your favorites, click the My Favorites menu.

2. Select the favorite you wish to view.

3. Your favorite page opens.

 NavBar: My Favorites

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