Parent Center Overview

Important Note: Access granted to you through the Parent Center is based on your student's consent for you to view specific online information and is not equivalent to a third-party release of information covered by the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).  Your student must complete a FERPA 3rd Party Release form that allows the university to discuss items covered by FERPA with you.

The Parent/Family Authorization option allows a student to authorize access to a third party to view certain student information. This authorization provides access to the designee to view Treasurer's Office, Financial Aid, Academic Records and Personal Information.

  1. Click the UA Parent Homepage tile to open your UA Parent Center. The left side menu options indicate the areas your student has granted you authorization to see. The central screen displays the students who have authorized you to see their account information.
  2. Click the Select Student button for the student's account you wish to view. 
    Note: Each student listed may have authorized different access to you. This page refreshes each time you select a student and displays the access you were given. 
  3. From the Parent Center menu, click one of the available links to view:

    • Treasurer's Office information
    • Academic Records
    • Financial Aid Information
    • Personal Information

Screenshot showing Parent Center left menu links

  Parent Center Overview (pdf)