Financial Agreement

You will receive an email indicating that a Student Financials Agreement has been added to the To Do List in the Notifications tile on the Student homepage. The agreement must be completed before you can enroll in future terms at the university. An enrollment hold is placed on your account to comply with federal requirements. The hold will be removed after you have completed the agreement.

  1. Click the Notifications tile from the Student homepage.
  2. Click the To Do's link and select the Student Financials Agreement item.
  3. Read the Welcome introduction, and click Next to continue.
  4. Complete the Emergency Contact section.

    • To edit a contact, click the Contact name to make any modifications. Click Save.
    • To delete a contact, click the Contact name. Click Delete.
    • To add a contact, click the plus (+) button above the contact name line. Enter contact information and click Save.
  5. Click Save to return to the Emergency Contact page.
  6. When all contact information is correct, click Confirm and click Next to continue.
  7. Read the Financial Agreement section. To print, click Printable Page at the bottom of the screen and click Print in the top right. Click Close to return to the agreement page.

    screenshot of the financial agreements page and Printable Page button
  8. Click the Accept check box and click Save.
  9. Click Submit on the last page to complete the Student Financials Agreement Activity Guide.
  10. Click the Menu icon to return to the homepage or to exit UAConnect.

Financial Agreement (pdf)