Manage Your Homepage

Follow the instructions below to create a new homepage in UAConnect. You can create multiple homepages, allowing the flexibility to combine the screens required for specific tasks.

Create a Homepage

    1. Navigate to the page you wish to have as a homepage.
    2. Click the Menu icon from that page.

      Screenshot highlighting the Add to Homepage item in the menu
    3. Select Add to Homepage from the Action Menu Icon in the banner.
    4. Choose from available homepages or create a new homepage.

      Screenshot highlighting available homepages and create a new homepage options
    5. Click the Add button. You will receive notification when the page is added to a new homepage.
    6. The new tile will appear on the homepage you selected.


Verify New Tile on the Homepage

Click the link in the left corner once you have saved the screen to your homepage. You will move back one level to the indicated homepage.

Screenshot highlighting the Class Search tile

You can also click the Homepage drop-down menu in the center of the banner to view all your homepages. Select the homepage you wish to use and view all the tiles that have been added.

Screenshot highlighting the Homepage drop-down menu

Delete a Homepage or Tile

  1. Click the Menu icon in the top banner and select the Personalize Homepage link.

    Screenshot highlighting the Personalize Homepage option in the menu
  2. Click the Delete icon X button on the Homepage you wish to delete.

    Screenshot of Personalize Homepage screen
  3. Select the Homepage from which the tile should be removed.

    Screenshot of Personalize Homepage tiles
  4. Click the Delete icon X button on the tile you wish to delete.
  5. Click Save when finished.

  Customizing your Homepage (pdf)