For detailed information about the Student Homepage,  click on the pdf link  found in the lower right of this document. 


student homepage overview



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Advising Notes are a communication tool used by an Advisor to record communications between themselves and advisee's or other third parties. Students may view advising notes if they are made available by the advisor when the note is created.

1. Click the Degree Audit from the Student Homepage.

2. Click on the advising note icon Advising Note icon.

 advising note icon on page

3. Click on the Advising Note icon in the Advising Note column.

4. Click the Update Note button if a response is required.

5. Click Submit to add a note.

6. Click on the View button in the Note Items to open attachments. Not all advising notes will have an attachment.

7. You may Add Attachment to the note if required.

Viewing Advising Notes

Current students can apply for graduation through their Student Homepage in UAConnect. Applicants who no longer have access to UAConnect will need to contact their Dean’s Office to apply for graduation.

Information regarding application fees, deadlines and contact information can be found at registrar. 

NOTE: Undergraduates in the Walton College of Business must contact the Undergraduate Programs Office at 575-4622, WCOB 328, prior to applying for graduation.

Applicants must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Undergraduate – 90 or more earned hours
  • Graduate – one completed semester
  • Law - 60 or more earned hours


1. Click the Degree Audit from the Student Homepage.

2. Click Apply for Graduation.

3. Review your current degree and major listed on the Submit an Application for Graduation page. If this information is incorrect, stop and contact your Dean’s Office to have it corrected.

4. If the degree and major are correct, click Apply for Graduation link to begin the application process.

NOTE: If the apply for graduation link is not visible, you have not completed enough hours to apply for graduation at this time.

5. Select the term when all your degree requirements will be completed from the Expected Graduation Term drop-down menu.

6. View the Graduation Instructions. This section will include all application fees and deadlines.

7. Click Continue


Commencement Participation Information 

Please note that the form expands as you answer additional questions.

commencemnt information form


1. If you plan to attend the commencement ceremony, click the Yes radio button.

2. Select the Commencement Term from the drop-down menu.

3. Select the check box of the ceremony you plan to attend. If you are a graduate student in the Engineering College or Walton College of Business, you may choose to attend both the graduate and college ceremonies.

4. Type your name in the Name field. This is the name that will be announced during the commencement ceremony.

5. Provide the Name Pronunciation, if necessary.

6. Click the check box to either authorize, or not authorize, the University of Arkansas to publish your name in the Commencement Program and on Senior Walk. Please note that if you choose not to have this information published you cannot change it at a later date. The authorize or not authorize check box overrides any FERPA restriction placed by the student.

7. Type your name as you want it printed on your diploma, in the Diploma Name field.

8. Type the Address where you want to have the diploma mailed.

9. Click Next.

Post-Graduation Information

10. Please indicate your plans after graduation. Select the options that best fit your plans. Different options appear based on your selections.

11. Click Continue to view the confirmation page and submit your application.

12. Review your Degree, Major and Expected Graduation Term before submitting your application. If your Degree or Major is incorrect, contact your Dean's Office to have the information charged.

NOTE: The Course of Study: University Requirement refers to state minimum core requirements. 

13. If all information is correct, click Submit Application.

14. You will receive an email confirming that your application has been successfully submitted.

apply for graduation

You can search for active classes by subject, catalog number or the frequency that the course is offered.

1. Select the Manage Classes tile on your Student Homepage.

2. Use the Alpha or Numeric box to select the department, list of courses or a specific course.

3. Select the Collapse All or Expand All buttons for easier viewing.

course list page

4. Select the course you are interested in and click the select box, and the course number or name.

course selection

5. Course information is displayed and the course can be added to My Planner by clicking the Add to Planner button.

course detail page

Link to PDF

The Degree Audit allows you to view your degree requirements, displaying those you have satisfied and those remaining unsatisfied. Keep in mind that this is not an official degree certification and should be used in conjunction with your academic advisor.

Request a Degree Audit

1. Click the Degree Audit tile on your Student Homepage.

2. Click the Run Report button for the desired plan or sub-plan. The Report Detail page opens with additional degree audit information.

Degree Audit Report Detail page

    1. Click the Total Hours link to view the a breakdown of hours applied toward a degree, non-degree hours and academic totals.
    2. Click the Major GPA link to see your cumulative GPA and Major GPA.
    3. Click the class link to view specific information about the class, such as meeting times, instructor, availability, instruction mode, and wait list information.
    4. Click the Rqmnt Details link to view the list of courses that are eligible to satisfy that particular requirement.

Click the Degree Audit document (PDF) for more details about each of the four pages.

Link to PDF

Dropping a class from your schedule is very easy to do. Follow the instructions below to drop a class during the enrollment changes period for the semester.

1. Click the Manage Classes tile on your Student Homepage.

2. Click the Enroll link in the left side navigation.

3. Click the Drop tab.

drop tab

4. Note that the tabs look the same. Make sure you are on the Drop tab when dropping a class.

5. If more than one term is open for enrollment changes you will be offered a choice of terms. Select the term from the options by clicking the appropriate radio button.

select classes to drop page

6. Select the check box of each class you wish to drop.

7. Click the Drop Selected Classes button to remove the class or classes from your schedule.

8. Confirm your drop selection and click Finish Dropping to complete the process.

confirm selected classes to drop

9. View the results of your drop. Correct any errors indicated.

10. Verify the class is dropped by checking your class schedule.

link to PDF

Enrolling in a class is a multi-step process that includes selecting and confirming your course selections with verification that you have read all the Class Notes. In addition, all classes that are not taught face-to-face must have a predominant location identified as to where the course will be taken.

Adding a Class

1. Click the Manage Classes tile on your Student Homepage.

2. Click Enroll to start the enrollment process.

3. Click the Add tab to begin your class search. If more than one term is open for enrollment or enrollment changes, you will be offered a choice of terms. Select the appropriate term from the options and click Continue.

select a term page

4. If you know the class number of the course, enter it in the Enter Class Nbr field and click Search. Note that there is a difference between the class number  and the course number:

-The class number is tied to a specific section of class that is found in parenthesis next to a class. For example, the class number for Spanish 2003-910 is 7852.

-The course number is a four-digit number that immediately follows the subject. The course number for Spanish 2003-910 (7852) is 2003.

Search page

5. To find all classes click the Class Search radio button. Click Search to open the Class Search page.


Entering Search Criteria

The Search for Classes page is now open. The Class Search Criteria section requires at least two search criteria to perform your search.

1. Select your Course Career from the drop-down menu. Selections are Agricultural Law, Continuing Education, Graduate, Law and Undergraduate.

2. Type the value in Course Subject field, if known (see 4 above). If unknown, click the Select Subject buttons to see a listing of course subjects.

search criteria page

3. Click the first letter of the desired subject. The Course Subject Lookup page displays all the subjects that fall under the letter you selected.

4. Click the Select link next to the subject and return to the Enter Search Criteria page that now has the Subject field populated with your selection.

5. Click Search.

alpha course search

6. The Search Results page opens with the results of your course subject search.

Search results page

7. Select the Section link to view more details about the class on the Class Detail page.

8. Click the View Materials link to see textbook information.

9. Click the Select button to add the course to your shopping cart. Select any required drill or lab associated with the class and click Next to continue.

10. After completing your selections, the Enrollment Preferences page opens providing additional class information. Click Next to select additional classes or to complete your registration.

11. When you are satisfied with your selections, click Proceed to Step 2 of 3 to confirm.

12. If you are enrolling in a class that is not taught face-to-face, the Class Location page opens. You will be required to indicate the predominant geographical location in which the class or classes will be taken. You may not proceed with enrolling in classes until this step is completed.

Class location page

13. Click Finish Enrolling to complete your enrollment.

Confirm classes

14. A green check mark in the Status column indicates the class was added successfully. A red X will appear if there was an error in adding the class, which will require an action to correct.

15. Click My Class Schedule to return to your Class Schedule page. The class is now officially on your schedule.

Add Classes results

link to PDF 

You may choose to print or view an unofficial copy of your Enrollment Verification, or request the University mail an official copy to a specified address. Instructions for both options follow.


Print or View an Unofficial Copy

1. Click the Academic Records tile on your Student Homepage.

2. Click the My Academics link in the left side navigation.

3. Click Request Enrollment Verification.

Enrollment Verification link


Unofficial Enrollment Verification

1. Select Allow to Print from My Browser from the processing options drop-down menu. This allows you to view or print an unofficial copy of your enrollment verification.

2. Check the boxes of the items you would like to appear on the enrollment verification.

Processing options

3. Select the Include My Program and Plan checkbox to include your academic college and major on your enrollment verification.

example of report

4. Check the Include my Term and Cum GPA checkbox to include a term GPA for each term and the cumulative GPA for the career.

example of units/GPA/status

5. Use the Select desired term dropdown menu if you wish to have enrollment verification for a specific term. If a term is not selected, all terms will be included on the enrollment verification.

6. Click Submit to view your selections.

7. Click the Printer Friendly Version link located at the bottom of the page to print an unofficial copy of the enrollment verification.


Official Enrollment Verification

1. To request an official copy of your enrollment verification be mailed from the Office of the Registrar, select Request Institution to Mail from the drop-down menu on the Request Verification page.

2. Select the options you want included on the report.

3. Select a specific term to be listed from the drop-down list. If a term is not selected, all terms will be included on the verification form.

processing options selections

4. In put the Number of Copies Required.

5. Check the Send to My Address check box.

6. Select the Address type from the drop-down menu.

7. Type the name of the person to receive the report in the Send To field.

enter information

8. You are now returned to the request Enrollment Verification page.

9. Click Submit to complete the request.

submission page

10. You will receive confirmation that your request was successful.

11. Your Enrollment Verification will be mailed within three business days.

link to pdf 

Students may view their mid-term grades from their UAConnect Student Homepage. University policy requires grades to be reported for 1000-2000 level classes for which the student is enrolled. However, instructors can choose to report grades for any other classes at his/her discretion.

1. Click the Academic Records tile from the Student Homepage.

2. Click the My Academics link.

3. Click on the Mid-Term Grades link to view grades. The tab will not be displayed if you do not have mid-term grades for the term.

mid-term grades

4. To view historical mid-term/early progress grades, click the Change Term button.

5. Select the radio button for the term to view and click the Continue button. 

viewing mid-term grades

My Planner provides students with a tool to plan their courses for an individual term, multiple terms, or for their entire career at the University of Arkansas. Students with multiple careers are provided with a planner for each career. 

1. Click the Degree Audit tile from the Student Homepage.

2. Click the Run Report button for the specific.

3. Click on the Reqmt Details link that is coded as an unmet (X) requirement.

4. Click the Select field and click Add to Planner. A message appears when the class has been added to your planner.


5. Click the Go to Planner link to view all items listed in the Planner.

my planner

6. Click the trash can to remove the course from the Planner.

7. Move courses to different terms by clicking the down arrow in the Move selected courses to Term field. Select the term and click the Move button.

my planner

Withdrawing from the University means you intend to withdraw from all classes that have not yet been completed up to that time.

  • A student who leaves the University voluntarily before the end of the fall or spring semester must withdraw from all classes or notify the Office of the Registrar in writing.
  • Students who do not withdraw officially from a class they fail to complete will receive an “F” in that class.
  • Students with holds on their registration should contact the Office of the Registrar for assistance in processing the withdrawal.

Important: If you receive financial aid, please read this information carefully and contact the Financial Aid office if you have questions.

1. Click the Manage Classes tile from the Student Homepage.

2. Click Enroll from the left navigation.

3. Click the Drop tab. If more than one term is open for enrollment changes, you will be offered a choice of terms. Select the appropriate term from the options given by clicking the radio button next to the term.


4. Select the Check Box of all classes for which you are enrolled

complete withdrawal

5. Click the Drop Selected Classes button to remove all classes from your schedule. 

6. Click the Begin Withdrawal Process button to continue.

7. A questionnaire is available to provide the University important information about your withdrawal. You may choose to continue without taking the questionnaire.

8. Click Yes to continue your withdrawal. This is your last opportunity to retain your enrollment. If you select No, the withdrawal process is cancelled and you are still enrolled in your classes.

9. A verification message appears indicating your withdrawal was successful. Click OK to continue.

10. To confirm that you have been withdrawn, click View My Classes.

Contact the Treasurer's Office for possible financial obligations resulting from your withdrawal from the University of Arkansas. 

official withdrawal - dropping all classes

Students may request an official transcript be mailed from their student homepage and billed directly to their student account. Transcripts will only be mailed domestically and cannot be sent by e-mail using this process. To send your transcript by e-mail, FedEx, or to send to an international destination, go to and submit your request there.

1. Click the Academic Records tile from the Student Homepage.

2. Click My Academics in the left navigation.

3. Click Request Official Transcript.

official transcript request

4. From the Official Transcript Request page, select when you want the transcript sent from Select Processing Options section.

  • Degree Confer Date - The transcript is sent after the degree is posted to your transcript.
  • Grade Posting  - The transcript is sent after grades have been posted for the term you have selected.
  • Immediate Processing - The transcript is processed within 48 hours after the request is received.

5. If you selected to have your transcript held until grades are posted or your degree conferred, you must select the term from the Select Term drop-down menu.

6. To send to the address listed in UAConnect, select Send to My Address check box and select the Address Type. This will populate the address field with the selected address information. To add an address other than the student address; type the recipient name in the Send To field. Click the Edit Address link. Type the address information and click the OK button.

7. Verify the processing options and the address you have selected.

8. Click Submit to process the transcript request.

9. An e-mail will be sent to your university e-mail account confirming the receipt of your transcript request. You may only request one transcript at a time. You will be charged on your student account for each transcript ordered. 

10. If you have a financial hold on your account, you will not be able to submit your request. Click the Details link for more information.

request an official transcript

Students, Faculty and Staff all have access to the Search for Classes feature. All three navigations open to the same Search for Classes page and operate in the same manner.

Student: Student Homepage > Manage Classes > Class Search

Faculty: Faculty Center > Class Search > UA Class Search

Staff: UA Admin Users Homepage > Navigator > Curriculum Management > Schedule of Classes > Class Search

Search Criteria page

1. The Course Subject look-up menu lists subjects alphabetically.

2. The Course Number drop-down menu allows you to enter a course number and search on the following parameters:



-greater than or equal to

-less than or equal to

3. Select a Course Career from the drop-down menu.

4. The Session drop-down menu includes session types including Intersession, Five Week and more.

5. The Show Open Classes Only check box is automatically checked. Uncheck this box to see closed, cancelled or blocked classes.

6. Click the Down Arrow to see additional search criteria. Select Start/End time, Days of Week, instructor and more.

Click Search to complete the task.


Course Subject

The Course Subject Lookup page opens a listing of all course subjects in alphabetic order (see 1 above). Click the beginning letter of the subject you are search for. Example: Click S for Spanish.

 Alpha listing of classes

1. Click the Select link for the desired course subject.

2. You will return to the Enter Criteria page with the Course subject field populated with your selection.


Class Search - Results

1. The Status of each course is noted in color:

    - Green Circle - Class is open and seats are available.

    - Blue Box - Class is closed and no seats are available.

    - Yellow Triangle - There is a wait list for seats in the class.

2. Click the Section link next to the course you are interested in to view the class description.

3. Click the View Materials link of the class to see a listing of required textbooks

Search Results page

 link to pdf

Swapping a class allows you to simultaneously add a class at the same time you drop one. The benefit is that you do not have to drop the class unless you can successfully add the new one.


Swap a Class

1. Click the Manage Classes tile on your Student Homepage.

2. Click the Enroll link in the left side navigation

3. Click the Swap tab to select the term that contains the class you wish to swap. If more than one term is open for enrollment changes, you will be offered a choice of terms. Select the appropriate term by clicking the radio button.


Swap class page


4. Click the Search for Class button to search for the class you wish to add to your schedule, or enter the class number in the Enter Class Nbr field. Click Search.

5. Scroll down to the Search Results.

6. Click Select Class to add the new class to your swap.

7. Review the Enrollment Preference page.

8. Click Next to continue.

9. Confirm the classes you have select for this swap process.

10. Click Finish Swapping when you are satisfied with the classes.

Confirm your selection

11. View the results of your swapped classes. The Status will display with either a green check mark or a red X indicating either success or error.

Results page

12. Click My Class Schedule to review your new schedule. If you received an error, simply swap again with a different class.

link to pdf

Form 1098-T, Tuition Statement is used to help figure education credits for qualified tuition and related expenses paid during the tax year. You, or the person who can claim you as a dependent, may be able to claim an education tax credit on Form 1040 or Form 1040A.

1. Click on the Treasurer's Office tile from the Student Homepage.

2. Click on View 1098-T folder in the left-side navigation.

3. Click on View 1098-T to display the 1098-T Report Selection.


4. Click on the specific Tax Year to display the 1098-T form for that year.

5. Click on the Box Amount tab to display detailed box information.

NOTE: You may need to disable the pop-up blocker on your web browser to display the 1098-T form.

pdf icon

Students can view their transfer credit from other colleges, universities, Advance Placement or other testing credits through their Student Homepage.

1. Click the Degree Audit tile from the Student Homepage.

2. Click Transfer Credit in the left navigation.

transfer credit


Alternate Navigation

3. Click the Academic Records tile from the Student Homepage.

4. Click My Academics in the left navigation.

5. Click View my transfer credit report.

transfer credit

You may access your unofficial transcript through your Student Homepage. Please note that this is an unofficial view for your academic transcripts. For information about ordering an official transcript, visit the Registrar's Office website at

1. Click the Academic Records tile from your Student Homepage.

2. Click My Academics in the left side navigation.

3. Click View my unofficial transcript.

view unofficial transcript drop-down

4. On the following page, the Academic Institution field defaults to The University of Arkansas.

unofficial request type

5. Select Unofficial Transcript from the Report Type drop-down menu.

6. Click View Report to generate a copy of your unofficial transcript.

7. The report is crated and can be viewed or printed from your screen.

8. Verity that the pop-up blocker is not enabled on your browser if your transcript does not appear.

view unofficial transcript

1. Click the Manage Classes tile from your Student Homepage.

2. Click Enroll in the left side navigation.

3. Click the Drop tab. If multiple terms are available, click the desired term.

4. Click Continue.

5. Your enrolled, dropped and wait listed classes are now displayed.

6. Select the check box of the wait listed class you wish to drop.

7. Click Drop Selected Classes.

8. Confirm your selection and then click Finish Dropping.

9. View the results. Your waitlisted class is now removed from your schedule.

pdf icon


1. Click the Manage Classes tile from your Student Homepage.

2. Your enrolled classes, dropped classes, as well as your waitlisted classes are not displayed.

3. Uncheck the Show Enrolled Classes selection box.

4. The Wait List Position number displays in that field.


pdf icon

A "What-If?" report is an academic advisement report where the user supplies the desired major information to determine what degree requirements would need to be satisfied. This option is useful for students who are uncertain as to which degree to pursue, what major to choose, or how changes to the requirement terms (catalog years) may affect them.

Students, advisors or administrative users can use this feature. Students access this feature through their Student Homepage (Degree Audit Tile), advisors access this from the Advisor Homepage on the Degree Audit (Advisor) link and authorized administrative users access the feature from the Degree Audit page.

NOTE: Use the information from this report in conjunction with the Catalog of Studies

1. Navigate to the appropriate homepage (student or advisor) and click the tile/link.

2. The Degree Audit Plan Selection page opens.

3. Scroll to the "What-If?" section at the bottom of the page.

4. Click either the Major (default) or the Minors and Other Plans radio button. Only one option can be selected and run each time.

what if report

5. Run Report when all fields are complete.

6. Review the degree audit for the selected program.

NOTE: If the student has completed the FERPA restrictions page, the FERPA 3rd Party Release page or has a negative service indicator on the account, the different icons will be displayed accordingly.

pdf icon


Financial Aid

 The information provided below is an overview of the various types of financial aid available to students. Click on the links provided within the document to transfer to the comprehensive information.

What is Federal Financial Aid

As the largests provider of student financial aid in the nation, the Department of Education's Federal Student Aid application might be the most worthwhile to complete. The different types of aid offered through FSA:

  • Pell Grant
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)
  • Work Study
  • Direct Subsidized Loans and Direct Unsubsidized Loans
  • PLUS loans

Applying for Federal Financial Aid

To receive Federal Financial Aid, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) every year. The FAFSA is available online at or by downloading the MyStudentAid mobile app. You will need to use your Federal Student Aid (FSA) ID and a copy of your tax return from  the year indicated on the FAFSA. If you are a dependent, you will need your parent or guardian's tax information. It is best to start the application process as soon as possible each year beginning October 1.

When you have completed the FAFSA, please document the Confirmation Number you receive after transmitting your application.

Federal Financial Aid Eligibility

To receive any kind of Federal Financial Aid, a student must:

  • Be enrolled as a regular student in an eligible program
  • Complete the application process through the Office of Financial Aid
  • Not be in default on any Title IV loan or owe a refund on any Title IV Aid
  • Not have a drug related conviction
  • Be a citizen or eligible non-citizen

Requirements for Continuing Eligibility of Federal Financial Aid

Continuing eligibility for Federal Financial Aid requires the student to:

  • Complete your FAFSA each year
  • Remain enrolled in a minmum of 6 hours for undergraduate students who have loans
  • Federal regulation requires that a student must be making satisfactory academic progress:
    • Quantitative Requirements - The student must pass, at a minimum, 66.67% of the credits attempted while attending the university, and attempt less than 150% of the number of credits rquired for graduation.
    • Qualitative Requirments - The student must mainatin a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or greater.


 Academic Challenge and other State of Arkansas Aid

The Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship is available to high school graduates who meet the awarding criteria and limited funding is also available to current undergraduate students. The state scholarship deadline is July 1 each year for most programs; however, the Governor's Distinguished and Governor's Scholars deadline is February 1. Students are notified by the Arkansas Department of Higher Education about which scholarships they will be awarded, and that information is sent to the university over the summer so the awards can be added to the students' financial aid packages.

For more information on various aid programs the state of Arkansas offers, a full listing of available aid and the requirements for the aid, is on the state website under Find Money for College.

Applying for State Aid

To apply for state scholarships, both the YOUniversal application and the FAFSA are required.  To complete the the YOUniversal , log on to the Arkansas Department of Higher Education website, This link has the single online application that is reveiwed by the Arkansas Department of Higher Education for Arkansas  state scholarship programs, such as the Arkansas Academic Challenge (Lottery) Scholarship, The Governor's Distinguised Scholarship and more. The FAFSA can be completed online at

More information about state aid is available on the ADHE website under Schoarships and Programs. If you have questions regarding the application process, please feel free to call the Arkansas Department of Higher Education (1-501-371-2050) or send an email to


Requirements for Continuing Eligibility of State Aid

  • For traditional Academic Challenge Scholarship and Governor's Distinguished Scholar awardees, students must complete 30 credit hours per acadeic year (an exception of only 27 hours is made for first semester freshmen receipients) and maintain the GPA required for that award.
  • Non-traditional Academic Challenge Scholarship recipients should refer to the program rules sent to them by ADHE regarding the rquired number of hours to be completed each year.
  • Review information on the state website for renewal requirements for your state specific program.


University Academic Scholarships

To view information about academic scholarships available to new and currently enrolled students, please visit the Academic Scholarship Office website at

Most academic scholarships require a completion of 30 credit hours per academic year, with a minimum 3.00 GPA. Detailed information regarding reviewing University of Arkansas scholarships can be found at Scholarship Award and Renewability Information.

Information for elibigilibty and renewal of a non-resident tuition award (NRTA) is also on the Scholardhip Office website

Financial Aid Disbursement

The Treasurer's Office posts financial aid to your student account when financial aid has been disbursed. For disbursement dates and refund information visit the Financial Aid Disbursement information on the Treasurer's Office website.

Per Federal Regulation, Financial Aid may begin disbursing 10 days prior to the first day of class for the regular session. Students must meet all eligibility requirements for financial aid before any refund will be processed.

The Treasurer's Office will deduct all amounts owed to the University of Arkansas from the nonfederal excess funds. The University, in compliance with federal regulations, must obtain voluntary authorization from the student to apply excess federal financial aid funds to pay for charges other than current term tuition, mandatory fees, and room and board contracted by the University. By granting permission to the University, the student is permitting these funds to be applied to charges related to current term educationally related goods and services up to $200 of prior term tuition, mandatory fees, and room and board contracted by the University, and educationally related goods and services. Federal funds may only be used for the following:

  • Current academic year tuition and fees (as described in Section 472 of the Higher Education Act) and housing.
  • Other current charges that a student has incurred for educationally related activities, if written authorization is received from the student (parent in the case of a PLUS loan).
  • Prior award year charges for tuition and fees, housing, (and with permission, educationally related charges) for a total of not more than $200.00.

Disbursement Delays

Until all processing requirements for a given type of financial aid are met by the student, (hours of enrollment per term, MPN and entrance counseling complete), the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships is unable to release the funds to the Treasurer's Office for disbursement. Students should check their To Do List on UAConnect for documents needed or actions to be taken. Items on the To Do list have triggered a message to the student UA email account with more detail.


to do list


Any financial aid received in the form of a paper check with the student listed as a payee requires an endorsement after it is in the possession of the University Cashiers Office, ARKU 214, before it can be disbursed.

Financial Aid Refunds

The University of Arkansas has partnered with BankMobile, a division of Customers Bank, to deliver financial aid and other school refunds to University of Arkansas students. For more information about BankMobile, visit this link:

At the start of each semester refunds will begin to be processed three business days after the first day of financial aid disbursement.

NOTE: Financial aid will only pay what is charged to a student account at the time financial aid is disbursed. If charges are incurred by the student after all financial aid has applied, the student will be responsbile for the balance owed.

financial aid overview

If loan(s) are included in your financial aid award, there are two steps that must be completed before the loan(s) can be applied to your studenet account. These steps should display on your To Do's in UAConnect. To view your To Do's, click on the Notifications tile from your Student Homepage.

IMPORTANT: There may be other items listed in your To Do's. All itmes in your To Do's must be completed before processing can continue.

1. Accept or Decline your loan(s) by clicking on the Financial Aid tile from your Student Homepage. Select  Accept/Decline Award and choose the appropriate year.

• If you select decline, the loan amount is zeroed out. Contact your Financial Aid counselor if done in error or the aid is needed later in the semester.

•You may accept all or a portion of the loan.  To accept a portion, decrease the dollar amount. Remember the amount you accept is for the entire year and will be halved between the fall and spring semesters.

2. Complete the Entrance Couseling and Master Promissory Note (MPN) at studentloans.govComplete instructions have been sent to you via UA email approximately 30 days prior to the Due Date listed.

accept your loans

NOTE: Entrance Counseling and MPN are only required for first time borrowers.


3. Check the To Do's by clicking on the Notifications tile from your Student Homepage.

4. When all To Do's are complete, your financial aid will be processed.

accept your loan

Cost of Attendance (COA) is the total amount (not including grants and scholarships) that it will cost you to go to school for the academic year. COA includes tuition and fees; housing and meals; and allowances for books, supplies, transportation, loan fees, and dependent care, which are not posted or charged to a student account. It also includes miscellaneous and personal expenses, such as an allowance for the rental or purchase of a personal computer; costs related to a disabiity; and reasonable costs for eligible study-abroad programs. For students attending less than half-time, the COA includes tuition and fees; an allowance for books, supplies, and transportation, and dependent care expenses.

Financial Need is calculated by Cost of Attendance (COA) minus (–) Expected Family Contribution (EFC) equals (=) Financial Need. Individual student budgets may be higher or lower depending on a student's program of study, courses enrolled, hours of enrollment, and/or on-campus room and board.

University of Arkansas Overaward Policy

Federal and state need-based aid laws and regulations stipulate that students receiving federal or state-funded aid cannot receive assistance (from any source) more than the calculated financial need. This is considered a need-based aid overaward.

Federal and state need-based awards include programs such as:

  • Federal Pell Grant
  • Federal Supplement Eductional Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)
  • State-Funded Scholarship/Grant Programs
  • Federal Perkins Loan
  • Federal Work Study
  • Federal Direct Subsidized Loan

Adjustment of the awards in the student's financial aid package to eliminate a need-based overaward is required by federal/state law if any of the above federal/state need based awards are included in the student's financial aid package.

In addition to the above federal/state need-based overaward rquirements, the University of Arkansas applies a Cost of Attendance Overaward Policy for all students who receive assistance from any source. Awards in the package will be adjusted (cancelled or refunded) until the cost of attendance overaward has been eliminated.

The University of Arkansas uses all scholarship and grant awards in the student's financial aid package from any source (federal, state, institutional, and outside funding) in the calculation to determine if the student's total awards exceed the cost of attendance. Any required adjustments will be made from the awards listed below in the order indicateed. In most circumstances, aid from outside/private organizations and the federal Pell Grant will not be reduced or cancelled. Students may choose to decline an award listed lower in the priority in favor of one listed higher.

  • Alternative (Private) Loan
  • Federal PLUS Loan
  • Unsubdized Federal Direct Loan
  • Subsidized Federal Direct Loan
  • Health Professions Loan
  • Federal Work Study
  • Federal Supplemental Eduction Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)
  • Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship
  • University of Arkansas' funded/controlled Grants, Scholarships, and Fellowships
  • Aid from outside/private organization
  • Federal Pell Grant

If an overaward occurs after aid has been disbursed, the student may be required to repay all or a portion of their financial aid to the University.

cost of attendance

 Financial Aid has several sequenced steps to apply, award, acept and exit the university. Most of these steps are done entirely outside of UAConnect but instructions are available from your Student Homepage.

Applying for Financial Aid

To apply for any federal loans, grants and/or work study, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at The FAFSA for the next academic year is available after October 1. The FAFSA must be completed every year to determine eligibilty and award amounts.

Once the FAFSA has been completed, you may need to submit supplemental information or acept your loans. Any action required by the student will display on the To Do's from the Notifications tile on the Student Homepage.

1. Click on the Notifications tile from your Student Homepage.

2. Click the To Do's. A list of outstanding action items is displayed.

 to do list

3. Click on the > arrow to display instructions for the action item.

to do instructions

NOTE: There may be several taks listed within the To Do's. All tasks have detailed instructions to expedite completion. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.

4. When all To Do's have been completed, Financial Aid can continue the processing of your awards for disbursement to your student account.

 to do list


Student Account

This setup allows parents and other authorized users to make payments to your student account. You, the student, must create this Authorized User Id before the user can access your information. 

Please note: Access granted by you to your authorized user through the Parent Center is based on your consent for that user to view specific on-line information and is not equivalent to a third-party release of information covered by the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). You must complete a FERPA 3rd Party Release form that allows the University to discuss items covered by FERPA with your user.

1. Click the Treasurer's Office tile from the Student Homepage.

2. Click Make a Payment.

3. Click the Add New link in the Authorized User Access box at the bottom of the page.

authorized user setup

NOTE: All fields displaying an asterisk must be completed.

4. Assign the Authorized User ID. You may use UPPER, lower and Mixed Case along with numbers and characters.

5. Type in the user's E-mail Address.

6. Confirm the E-mail Address.

7. You may Add a Note that will be included in the welcome e-mail to your authorized user.

8. Select Yes/No to allow or restrict access to your information.

9. Click OK to complete this process.

10. Click the Sign Out link in the red banner at the top of the page.

 The person you authorized will receive an e-mail providing him or her the Authorized User ID, Temporary Password, along with the URL to access your financial account.

authorized user email

An Authorized User may log in directly to the eCommerce website by typing in in the browser.

 PDF icon

 You will receive an email indicating that a Student Financials Agreement has been added to the To Do List in the Notifications tile on your Student Homepage. This must be completed before you enroll in future terms at the UA. An enrollment hold has been placed on your account to comply with this federal requirement. The hold will be removed once you complete the task.

1. Click the Notifications tile from the Student Homepage.

2. Click the To Do's link and select the Student Financials Agreement item.

3. Read the Welcome introduction and click Next to continue.

4. Complete the Emergency Contact section.

    • To edit a contact, click the Contact name to make any modifications and click Save.
    • To delete a contact, click the Contact name and click Delete.
    • To add a contact, click the + button above the contact name line. Input all information and click Save when finished.

5.Click Save to return to the Emergency Contact page.

6. When all contact information is correct, click Confirm then click Next to continue.

7. Read the Financial Agreement section. To print, click Printable Page at the bottom of the screen. Click Print in the top right. Click Close to return to the agreement page.

financial agreement print

8. Click the Accept check box and Save.

9. Click Submit on the last page to complete the Student Financials Agreement Activity Guide.

10. Click the Menu icon to return to your homepage or exit UAConnect.

PDF icon

You have access to set up a payment plan to pay on your account in installments by credit card or electronic check on your student account.

1. Click the Payment Plan link from your Student Homepage to open the eCommerce site.

2. Click the link in the Installment Payment Plans section.

installment plan enrollment

3. Information about the tuition and fees for the semester are displayed on this page.

4. Scroll down the page to see the number of installment payments, the amount due at each payment and the date the payments are due.

5. Click the Truth in Lending check box. 

6. Enter your initials in the Electronic Signature filed.

7.  Cancel or Accept the agreement terms.

8. Select the payment method you wish to use. The Enrollment Fee is due at the time of sign up.

pay method

9. Click Continue.

10. Select to pay by either credit card or electronic check. NOTE: There is a 1.8% convenience fee charged on credit/debit card payments. Electronic check (ACH) payments have no additional charge.

For specific details on how to make a payment, click here.

Setting Up Automatic Payments

1. To set up automatic payments, select a value from the listed options.

    • Use the same payment information and email address I entered for the Enrollment Fee.
    • Provide new credit card information
    • Enter new electronic check information
    • Choose not to use automatic payments

2. Click Submit to complete your enrollment into automatic payments.

3. You will now see that you are enrolled in the Installment Payment Plan for the semester.

4. You will receive an e-mail stating that you have successfully scheduled your payment and the date of the first payment.

PDF icon

1. Click the Make a Payment link from the Student Homepage.

2. From the eCommerce page scroll to Your Account. This group box displays the Current Balance Due and the Current Credit Balance. If credit balance has an amount displayed, please subtract from the current balance to find the adjusted amount due. The Minimum Due field is only used for students enrolled in an approved installment payment plan.

3. Click the Pay link. If you wish to pay the total amount due, click the Total Balance Due button. If no balance is due, there is no visible Pay link.

 make payment

4. All terms with a balance due are included in the Total Amount.

edit make payment

    • Click the Delete link to pay only on a specific term. A pop-up asks to confirm the deletion of the other term amounts due. This does not remove the charge from your account.
    • Click OK or Cancel.
    • Click the Edit link to pay a partial payment.
    • Clear the Amount field and type in the payment amount.
    • Click the Update Payment Amount button.

 update payment amount

    • The new amount displays in the Total Amounts field.

5. Click Continue.


Credit Card Payment

1. Click the Enter new credit card information radio button.

2. Click Continue Checkout.

3. Complete all the required fields on this page. You may assign a name for this payment method and use for a future transaction.

4. Click Continue Checkout.

5. Click the check box indicating that you understand that a service charge will be added to your total charges.

6. Click Continue Checkout.

7. Review your payment information and if correct, click Submit Payment.

8. A Transaction Approved screen will display.  An e-mail receipt will be sent to the address provided. You may click the Email Receipt for an additional copy to be sent to you. Or, click the View Printable Receipt button to print your receipt.


Electronic Check Payment

1. Select the Enter new electronic check information radio button.

2. Click Continue Checkout.

3. Complete all required fields on this page.

4. Click Continue Checkout.

5. Review your payment information is correct, click Submit.

6. A Transaction Approved screen will display.  An e-mail receipt will be sent to the address provided. You may click the Email Receipt for an additional copy to be sent to you. Or, click the View Printable Receipt button to print your receipt.

 PDF icon


Personal Information

Add  or Edit Addresses

1.  Click the Profile tile on your Student Homepage.

2.  Click the Addresses link in the left side navigation

NOTE:  Local and Mailing addresses are the only address types available for students to add/update.

address listing

3. If no Address is defined, click the Add Local Address or Add Mailing Address button.  

4. Click the calendar to select a new From field if needed.

5. To copy an existing address click the Copy From link. 

6. Click the correct address to be copied. 

7. Click Save.

8. To add a new address enter all required fields on the page. State must be entered by clicking the magnifying glass and selecting from the drop-down menu.

select state from drop-down list

NOTE: An  Address Verifiation box will appear if the address is not recognized. You can override the verficiation by selecting the Override Address box. Verify you have entered the address correctly before selecting the overrid box.

9.  You will receive  the  pop-up message listed below if you did not select the state by clicking the magnifying glass and selecting from the drop-down menu. Click the OK button on the pop-up message to continue.

address pop-up

10. Click the  magnifying glass for the field highlighted in red and  select from the drop-down list.

11. Click Save.

add or edit an address

Add  or Edit Contact Data

1.  Click the Profile tile on your Student Homepage.

2.  Click the Contact Data link in the left side navigation

NOTE:  Email address cannot be edited from this page.  The page displays your campus email address as the preferred email address type.

Adding a New Phone Number

3. Click the  plus button to add a new phone number.

add a new phone number

4. Click the drop-down to select Type.

5. Enter the phone number. Country Code and Extensions can be left blank if unkown.

6. Check the Preferred box if this is the preferred phone type and number.

7. Click Save.

Editing a Phone Number

8.  Click on the phone number you wish to edit.

9. Enter the new phone number.

edit phone number

10. Click Save.

add or edit contact data


Add Emergency Contact

1. Click the Profile tile on your Student Homepage.

2. Click the Emergency Contacts link in the left side navigation

Emergency Contacts page

3. Click the Plus Sign to add a new contact.

Add Contact page

4. Enter contact information and click Save. Fields with an asterisk are required.


Edit or Delete an Emergency Contact

1. Click on the Emergency Contact's name.

Edit Contact page

2. To edit, simply make changes as needed and click on Save.

3. To delete the contact, click the Delete button. A pop-up message will appear to confirm the Delete.

link to PDF

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. Please go to the Registrar's website for more information about FERPA and what it means to you.

To restrict the release of your directory/public information, you must complete and submit the FERPA Directory Restriction form located on your User Profile tile on your Student homepage.

1. Click the Profile tile on your homepage.

2. On the drop-down menu, click FERPA to open the form.


3. Review the list of items you may restrict and click the check box of each item you wish to have restricted.

Please note that if you have Names - Hold all Directory Information selected your last semester of classes, your name may not appear in your Commencement program or on Senior Walk. Please contact the Registrar's Office for information.

 completed FERPA directory information form

4. Click Save to record your preferences. Your information is now confidential and restricted.

link to document

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. Please go to the Registrar's website for more information about FERPA and what it means to you.

As a student, you may choose to allow specific individuals, such as parents, to view and discuss your student education records. You must complete a release form allowing the university to discuss matters regarding your education records. This form is located under the Profile Tile on your Student homepage.

Please note that FERPA access does not grant access to the UAConnect Parent Center. 

1. Click the Profile tile on your homepage.

2.  On the dropdown menu, click FERPA 3rd Party Release to open the form.

dropdown menu

3. Review the form and make any necessary changes. Click Save if changes are made.

release form

link to PDF

The Parent/Family Access option in UAConnect allows you to authorize access to certain academic and financial information to a third party to view in the UAConnect Parent Center.  Granting Parent Center authorization does not allow the university to discuss your education records based solely on this view access. This authorization provides access to the designee (a parent or other individual) to view:

  • Your student account data and payment access
  • Your Financial Aid information
  • Your academic information
  • Your directory information

Please note that this access is separate from any FERPA access you may have authorized.  To allow the university to discuss your education records, please complete a FERPA 3rd party release form.


1. Click the Profile tile on your homepage.

2. On the dropdown menu, click Grant Parent/Family Access.

Grant Parent/Family Access link

3. The initial Parent/Family Authorization page includes:

a. Important information regarding granting access

b. Steps for setting up an authorization

Read all information carefully. When you are ready to continue click Add an Authorization.

initial Parent/Family Authorization page

4. The Add New Parent/Family Authorization includes:

1. Your authorization to grant access to the information.

2. The form for entering the email address for the person you are granting access to. This email address will become the individual's username for the Parent Center.

3. The selection of information that you can authorize to the individual.

Add New Parent/Family Authorization

5. Click Save when you have completed all sections.

6. A Success notification confirms the new username and access that you authorized has been added.

Success notification

7. If you authorized access to your Student Account Data, you will have important information with instructions for enabling your authorized user to make payment on your account. Read these instructions carefully and click OK.

set up for paying on account

8. Your Parent Center Authorization is now complete. You can view the username for each person you authorized, the information they are authorized to view, and the buttons that allow you to Edit, Resend the Microsoft Invitation  and Remove the individual's access.

closing page

link to PDF