Holds (Service Indicators) - Codes

This chart lists  current negative service indicator codes along with a description of the hold, the services impacted by the placement of the hold, and who the student should contact to have the hold removed.

Faculty/Advisors may remove an advising hold regardless of any additional holds on a student's account.


  • AENR* = Cannot Add or Enroll in classes
  • DENR** = Allows Add, No Drops Allowed
  • CENR*** = No Enrollment Activity Allowed
  • IENR**** = Initial Enrollment
ADV Advising Required CENR** Advisor/Acad Dept
AML See Registrar CENR**, Diploma, Transcript See Registrar
ADV Law Second Advisor Required   2nd Advisor/Dept
ALD No Diploma Release Diploma Registrar
ALT No Transcript Release Transcript Registrar
ATH No Drop for Athletes DENR***  
CHK Returned Check-No Checks Allowed No Checks Accepted for Payment Student Accounts
OSI Departmental Service Invoice   Pam Reeves 575-5822
F10 Past Due Student Account Diploma, Transcript Student Accounts
F50 Past Due Student Account AENR*, Diploma, Transcript Student Accounts
FHL Past Due Student Account AENR*, Diploma, Transcript Student Accounts
FE1 Past Due Parking Account Diploma, Transcript Parking/Transit
FE2 Past Due Parking Account AENR*, Diploma, Transcript Parking/Transit
GNS Fail to Respond - 3rd Notice AENR* Student Services
GNS Judicial Board AENR* Student Services
GNS Housing Coordinator AENR* Student Services
GNS INS Reporting Compliance   Int'I Programs Office
GNS Late Sanctions AENR* Student Services
GNS Hold for Re-Enroll AENR* Student Services
GRAD Graduate School Hold AENR* Graduate School
INV Past Due Invoice AENR*, Diploma, Transcript Student Accounts
INS Immigration Status CENR** Office of Int'I Students/Scholars
LON Past Due Student Loan AENR*, Diploma, Transcript Student Accounts
NRF No Student Refund Allowed Verifying Eligibility of Refund Student Accounts
OMG OMGT Student Hold AENR*, Diploma, Transcript OMGT Office 575-7426
ONE One Term Admit IENR**** Admissions
ONE Arrival-Admit Requirements Not Met IENR**** Int'I Adm Office
ONE One Term Requirements IENR**** Grad & Int'I Admissions
REG MMR Immunization Record Needed AENR* Health Center
REGR Academic Standing AENR* Registrar's Office
REGR Employee Waiver hold Not eligible for priority registration Registrar's Office
REG Health Insurance Needed AENR* Health Center
REG No Registration Activity AENR* Registrar's Office
REG Advising Hold for OCP Must be advised re:8 sem Plan Academic Advisor
REG Senior Citizen Waiver Hold Not eligible for priority registration Registrar's Office
SRG Student Financials No Registration AENR* Treasure's Office
TIV Title IV Refund Inquiry Return of Title IV Fund Process Student Accounts
WOF Student Account Write Off CENR**, Diploma, Transcript Student Accounts


  Hold (Service Indicator) - Codes (pdf)