Common Course Numbering

The vision of the Common Course Numbering initiative is to align the University of Arkansas System institutions and eventually all public institutions in Arkansas under a common course numbering schema and index to support Arkansas students in transfer, remove barriers to higher education, and ease administrative overhead of determining course equivalency in the processing of transcripts.

What will Common Course Numbering do?

  • It will develop a common index of course numbers using a standardized schema of course discipline prefixes.
  • It will provide transparency as courses sharing a common course number will clearly transfer among system institutions.
  • It will build on the existing Arkansas Course Transfer System (ACTS).

What will Common Course Numbering not do?

  • It will not eliminate academic freedom.
  • It will not require the renaming of courses.
  • It will not require program of study alignment (common programming).
  • It will not realign academic departments.
Additional information can be found on the UA System Intranet.