Roster - Change Grade

Faculty can submit a change of grade from their UAConnect faculty homepage once the grade roster has been processed.

Note: Faculty who do not have an active account must continue to process grade changes using the Change of Grade Notice form located in their department.

  1. Your most current teaching schedule opens by default. Click the Change Term button to select a different term.
  2. Click the Grade Roster link of the course for the grade change.
  3. Select Final Grade from the Grade Roster Type drop-down menu. Grade changes are only available for final grades.
  4. Click the Request Grade Change button.
  5. The Grade Change Request page contains the course information at the top of the page along with a list of the students in the course and the Official Grade for that student.
  6. Click the Official Grade drop-down menu and click the new grade for the student. Only the grades associated with the class will be available for selection.
  7. Click the Submit button.
  8. Success appears in the last column when the grade is successfully submitted.
  9. The grade change is logged in the Grade Change Audit Table where an audit report can be generated.

    Note: Audit reports are generated daily for the convenience of the college. E-mails are sent to the instructor of record and the student indicating a grade change has occurred.

    The Office of the Registrar closely monitors changes in the student's academic status.


  Change a Grade in UAConnect (pdf)