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UAConnect Spring 2022 Updates

What has Changed

  1. Icons found on the home page have been re-styled and re-named but remain in the previous location and function just as before.
    • Recently Visited will now remember the last 10 pages used instead of only five.


            Before the update                                 After the update

    UAConnect Home Screen                  


  1. Additional “Recently Vistited” and “Favorites” icons are located on the left side of the screen for desktop use and the bottom of the screen for moble use.

Mobile Screen

UAConnect Mobile Home Screen


Desktop Screen

UAConnect Home Screen Desktop


  1. If you have multible homepages (Faculty/Advisor, Student, Etc). You can now switch between them using the arrow selections in the top right side of the page or by swiping right and left with a touch screen.

UAConnect New User Page



Faculty and Advisor