Add an Affiliate

Navigate to the UA Affiliate Table in UAConnect. Under NavBar, Navigation, select Campus Community, and then select the available path:

  • Personal Information, Identification, UA Affiliate Table, or
  • UA CC Custom Components, UA Affiliates, UA Affiliate Table

To add an affiliate:

  1. Enter your organization in the UA Affiliation selection field.
  2. Edit the default Start Date and End Date as needed.
  3. Select Yes or No from the drop-down menu to choose to be included in the online directory.
  4. Enter your department in the Sponsor Office field.
  5. Choose the appropriate access from the Affiliate Privilege drop-down menu. Select Faculty level if the affiliate is teaching.
  6. Select the drop-down menu to assign appropriate Library Privileges.
  7. If the affiliate will be advising, select the UA Advisor check box to ensure correct UAConnect security is assigned.
  8. Enter information regarding the affiliate in the Notes section.

screenshot of Affiliate screen in UAConnect highlighting Start and End Date, Include in online drectory, and UA Advisor fields.


  Add an Affiliate (pdf)