Make a Payment

1. Go to and click myConnect.

2. Click the Treasurer’s Office tile from the Student homepage.

3. Click on Make a Payment in the left menu. A new screen should pop up.

A screen showing tuition balance.

4. Click on  Make a Payment in the left menu. 

Screen showing options to Make a Payment or Create Payment Plan.

5. Enter the amount to be paid or select the whole bill by clicking the Balance icon. 

6. Click Continue

A screen showing amount owed and spaces to enter amount to be paid.

7 . Select or setup the payment method and click Continue.

A screen asking user to select a credit card or bank account.

8. Enter all required information and click Continue. 

A screen with fields to enter contact information and either credit card or bank information.

9. Confirm your payment information and click Pay. 

A screen showing all entered information including contact and payment amount.


10. You should now see confirmation of payment. 

A screen with a green checkmark showing the amount paid.