My Planner

My Planner provides students with a tool to plan courses for an individual term, multiple terms, or for an entire career at the University of Arkansas. Students with multiple careers are provided with a planner for each career.

  1. Click the Degree Audit tile from the Student homepage.
  2. Click the Run Report button for the specific report you need.
  3. Click the Reqmt Details link next to a requirement marked as unmet (X).
  4. Click the Select field, and click Add to Planner. A message appears when the class has been added to the planner.

    screenshot of Add to Planner link
  5. Click Go to Planner to view all items listed in the planner.
  6. Click the trash can icon to remove the course from the planner.
  7. Move courses to different terms by clicking the down arrow in the Move selected courses to Term field. Select the term, and click the Move button.

    my planner screenshot. highlighting Move selected courses and Delete options

  My Planner (pdf)