Search for Classes

Students, faculty, and staff each have access to the Search for Classes feature through different navigations.

  • Students: Navigate from the Student homepage to Manage Classes, Class Search.
  • Faculty: Navigate from the Faculty Center to Class Search, UA Class Search.
  • Staff: Navigate from the UA Admin Users homepage to Navigator, Curriculum Management, Schedule of Classes, Class Search.

    screenshot of Search Criteria page
  1. The Course Subject look-up menu lists subjects alphabetically.
  2. The Course Number drop-down menu allows you to enter a course number and search using the following parameters:
    • exactly
    • contains
    • greater than or equal to
    • less than or equal to
  3. Select a Course Career from the drop-down menu.
  4. The Session drop-down menu includes session types including Intersession, Five Week.
  5. The Show Open Classes Only check box is automatically checked. Uncheck this box to see closed, cancelled or blocked classes.
  6. Click the Down Arrow to see additional search criteria, such as Start/End time, Days of Week and Instructor.
  7. Click Search to complete the task.

Course Subject

The Course Subject Lookup page opens a listing of all course subjects in alphabetical order.

Alpha listing of classes

  1. Click the first letter of the subject you are searching for. For example, click S for Spanish.
  2. Click Select for the desired course subject.
  3. You will return to the Enter Criteria page with the Course subject field populated with your selection.

Class Search Results

  1. The Status of each course is noted in color:

    • Green Circle: Class is open and seats are available.
    • Blue Box: Class is closed, and no seats are available.
    • Yellow Triangle: There is a wait list for seats in the class.
  2. Click the Section link next to a course to view the class description.
  3. Click the View Materials link of the class to see a listing of required textbooks.

    screenshot of Search Results page highlighting status legend and Section column

Search for Classes (pdf)