• An initial course number list was built using the Arkansas Course Transfer System (ACTS) list. This list was the driver for building a full subject code prefix list. 
  • For courses that did not have a prefix in the ACTS system, the following prefixes were used:
    • UAF prefixes (general coursework)
    • UAMS prefixes (all medical and health related disciplines)
    • UAPTC prefixes (all technical disciplines)
  • The initial course discipline prefix list was distributed to UA System institutions for review. Any institution that had course disciplines not covered by the initial prefix list submitted those disciplines for consideration. 
  • Institutions were asked to provide a complete course list matched to the subject codes provided so a complete system course list compiled.
  • Registrars were asked to match existing course equivalencies based on prior course evaluations beginning with ACTS courses. 
  • The Common Course Numbering Index of all courses and all University of Arkansas schools was presented to each campus for review. 
  • The final index of courses was presented to each institution after this last round of reviews.  
  • Institutions have developed internal teams that have outlined what must occur on each campus for the deployment of the new course numbers. 
  • New Course Numbers were added to UAConnect in September 2023.
  • New Course Numbers were synced with Course Leaf Curriculum Management (CIM) in October 2023.
  • Course Number Lookup released in October 2023.


  • Departments will schedule Fall 2024 courses with the new numbers beginning in October 2023.
  • Students will see the new course numbers when registering for Fall 2024 courses in Spring 2024.


Course Subjects Changes at U A F:


Course Subject Code Changes




Common Course Numbering Timeline