Drop a Class

Classes can be dropped from your schedule during the enrollment change period for the semester.

  1. Click the Manage Classes tile on the Student homepage.
  2. Click the Enroll link in the left menu.
  3. Click the Drop tab. Note that the tabs look the same. Make sure you are on the Drop tab when dropping a class.

    screenshot highlighting the drop tab
  4. If more than one term is open for enrollment changes, you will be offered a choice of terms. Select the term from the options by clicking the appropriate radio button.
  5. Select the check box of each class you wish to drop.
  6. Click the Drop Selected Classes button to remove the class or classes from your schedule.

    screenshot highlighting the Drop Selected Classes button
  7. Confirm your drop selection and click Finish Dropping to complete the process.

    screenshot highlighting the Finish Dropping button
  8. View the results of your drop and correct any errors indicated.
  9. Verify the class is dropped by checking your class schedule.

Drop a Class (pdf)