Installment Plan

You may set up a payment plan on your student account to pay in installments using a credit card or bank account. For information on how to set up an Authorized User click here


  1. Login to UAConnect and click on the Treasurer's Office box. 

    Screen showing student options including Treasurer's Office
  2. Click on Payment Plan in the left menu. 

    A list of options including payment plan.
  3. A new window or tab should open. If you have authorized another user to make payments they can access this site by following the link in their initial set up email. 
  4. Click on Payment Plans on the left menu or click on View Payment Plan Options on the main page. 

    A finance screen with two places to click for payment plans.
  5. Clicking on View Payment Plan Options will open a half window showing the details of the currently available payment plan. Click on Enroll in Plan to continue. 

    A screen showing payment dates, payment amounts, and a confirm button.
  6. The terms of the plan will open. Review the terms and scroll down to the bottom on the page. 

    A screen with text detailing the terms of the payment plan.
  7. Check the box next to the statement of understanding, enter your initials in the open box, and click Continue

    A screen with text, a place to enter initals, and a continue box.
  8. An enrollment fee will be due at time of enrollment. Select from previously registered cards and bank accounts or set up a new payment method. Click on your payment method and click Continue

    A screen showing options for different payment methods.
  9. If setting up a new payment method, enter all required information and click Continue

    A screen with boxes to enter name, email, and bank account information.
  10. Review your payment information and then click Pay $

    A screen showing entered payment information.
  11. Confirmation of payment and information on the next billing cycle will show. Additional details will be sent to the email address provided. 

    A screen showing confirmaiton of payment.