Parent Center - Granting Access

The Parent/Family Access option in UAConnect allows students to authorize access to a third party to view specific academic and financial information in the UAConnect Parent Center. Granting Parent Center authorization does not allow the university to discuss your education records based solely on this access.

This authorization provides access to the designee (a parent or other individual) to view:

  • Your student account data and grant payment access
  • Your financial aid information
  • Your academic information
  • Your directory information

Note: This access is separate from any FERPA access you may have authorized. To allow the university to discuss your education records, please complete a FERPA 3rd party release form.

  1. Click the Profile tile on the Student homepage.
  2. Click Grant Parent/Family Access from the drop-down menu.

    screenshot of Grant Parent/Family Access link

  3. The initial Parent/Family Authorization page includes (1) important information regarding granting access and (2) steps for setting up an authorization.

    Read all information carefully. When you are ready to continue, click Add an Authorization.

    screenshot of Add an Authorization button on initial Parent/Family Authorization page

  4. Complete the Add New Parent/Family Authorization form, which includes:

    • Your authorization to grant access to the information.
    • The email address for the person to whom you are granting access. This email address will become the individual's username for the Parent Center.
    • The selection of information that you can authorize to the individual.

      Add New Parent/Family Authorization

  5. Click Save when you have completed all sections. A Success notification confirms the new username and access that you authorized has been added.

    Success notification
  6. If you authorized access to your Student Account Data, you will have important information with instructions for enabling your authorized user to make payments on your account. Read these instructions carefully, and click OK.

    set up for paying on account

  7. Your Parent Center Authorization is now complete. You can view the username for each person you authorized, the information they are authorized to view, and the buttons that allow you to Edit, Resend the Microsoft Invitation, and Remove an individual's access.

    closing page

Parent Center - Granting Access (pdf)