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 The first Workday Student newsletter was created to summarize the first year of work on the project. 

Workday Student Newsletter

Workday Student Newsletter


On April 5th, 2022 Project One presented an information session on Workday Student. View Workday Student: SIS Reimagined here

Workday Student SIS Reimagined

From Newswire, October 20, 2021

Tilley-Stagni Begins Change Management Role for Workday Student

Laura Tilley-Stagni has been selected as the Change Management Lead for Workday Student. This is the second full-time position dedicated to the university's transition to a new student information system.

Tilley-Stagni previously served as the Training and Change Manager for UAConnect, the current student information system for the U of A campus. She has seven years of service on the Fayetteville campus in previous roles as an academic counselor and administrative specialist. Tilley-Stagni has a master's degree from the U of A in adult and lifelong learning.

"I am thrilled to continue working on the implementation of Workday Student," Tilley-Stagni said. "My hope is to carefully assess the needs of our campus and effectively communicate project progression. Our student information system impacts almost every student, faculty and staff member on campus, and I want those individuals to feel supported and prepared as things change."

Workday Student is a cloud-based and mobile-friendly solution that is being led by a partnership between campus leadership and the U of A System's Project One team. Tilley-Stagni will work closely with the Project One Organizational Change Management team to plan and execute readiness activities and training for the Fayetteville campus.

"I am excited to have Laura dedicated to the Workday Student project," said Dave Dawson, senior associate vice provost for enrollment services and director of Workday Student. "Her proven training skills, her knowledge of student information system functionality and her understanding of user needs will contribute greatly to a successful campus implementation."

Workday Student is set to go live in 2024-25 with the 2025 freshman class being the first to have their entire system experience in Workday Student. All schools in the U of A System will be adopting Workday Student, as its data-driven approach aims to help in student retention and success. Currently, the project is gearing up for the "Align and Prototype" phase, which will run until the summer of 2022.

More information on Workday Student can be found on the Workday Student website. Questions can be emailed to .

From Newswire, September 9, 2021

Workay Student is Coming to Campus

The University of Arkansas will transition from the current UAConnect student information system to a new Workday Student system in 2024-25. Workday Student is a modern, mobile-friendly, and cloud-based solution that will serve UA System faculty and students long into the future. Workday Student's data-driven approach to student attainment and retention will help the University of Arkansas achieve our goal of advancing student success.

Even though the actual implementation of Workday Student is a few years away, Elevate Design Sessions started in June and are continuing through September.  These workshops are designed to introduce Workday Student concepts to UA System institutions and begin the information gathering process for the new student implementation. The UAConnect team and key campus representatives have been participating in the sessions.

Each Elevate session is designed to review Workday Student concepts, evaluate current practices and identify opportunities to better use the student information system, with an eye on meeting student, faculty, staff needs.  Another important goal is to identify any potential security issues or risks.

The Workday Student areas being covered during the sessions mirror those used in UAConnect, including curriculum management, financial aid, recruiting and admissions, student financials, as well as student records and advising.  Technical sessions are also being held on integrations, data conversion and reporting.

"Workday Student is a comprehensive information system that will affect every member of our campus community, so careful planning is critical to our campus and to all system schools," said Dave Dawson, senior associate vice provost for Enrollment Services and the campus director of Workday Student.  "We are building our campus partner team and will engage these key contributors throughout the implementation process.  We know that understanding how the system works best for those who use it is essential to the success of the new system."

Elevate sessions provide an opportunity to gather information broadly from across the campus. No content or structure decisions are being made at this time. The entire planning and preparation timeframe for the UA System Workday Student implementation will continue through the 2021 calendar year.

"A student system implementation is complex, in part due to the enormous amount of information it contains, but also due to the interdependency of the various areas of the student experience from the high school recruit to graduation to post-graduate study," said Dawson.

Another aspect of the Workday Student implementation is the staggered go-live approach for each system campus.  In much the same way UAConnect was brought online nearly 20 years ago at the University of Arkansas, Workday Student will have different student areas (admissions, financial aid, student financials, registration, and more) go live over a period of several months. The timeline for the UA System Workday Student implementation will span through 2025.

See the campus project team’s Workday Student website for more information.

The campus implementation team has joined with other Project One Student Cohorts in Elevate Design Sessions. These sessions are designed to introduce Workday Student concepts and begin the information gathering process for the Student system.

Elevate is organized into four, single-month mini work sets taking place through mid-September 2021. Campus faculty and staff have joined the campus team in the Elevate sessions.

The entire planning and preparation timeframe for the UA Sytem Workday Student implementation will continue through the 2021 calendar year. It's important to note these are information gathering sessions and no decisions are being made at this time.