Access for Hourly or Part-Time Employees

The UAConnect security request should be submitted to request access for any hourly or part-time employee. A special account will be created for the hourly or part-time employee, and the employee's supervisor will be responsible for the use of the account.

The supervisor and part-time employee will be prompted to read and accept the Part-time Employee Agreement when creating the request. See a preview of the agreement.

Creating the Request

  1. Click the NavBar icon.

    Screenshot of compass icon in top navigation bar
  2. Click the Navigator icon from the menu.
  3. Scroll down the Navigator menu, select UA SIS Security and click UAC Security Request.
    1. Click the Create New Request tab, enter the employee's nine-digit EMPLID (University ID number) and click the Add button.

Completing the Request

Screenshot of Security Request form

  1. Click the Request Type drop-down menu and select one of the following options: Additional Security Request, New Request, or Remove Security Request.
  2. Click the Employee Type drop-down menu and select Hourly.
  3. An Hourly Employee agreement window will open on the request. The supervisor and hourly employee must complete the Required Reading and confirm they understand the agreement.
  4. The Supervisor Username must be entered before the request can be saved.
  5. Select one or more boxes for the areas from which security is requested: Admissions, Student Records, Student Financials and Financial Aid.
  6. Select the Career(s) from the options available: Undergraduate, Graduate, Law, Ag-Law and International.
  7. Enter a description of the access needed in each area's Access Requested field.
  8. Click Save to complete the request. The Security Request originator receives an email upon submission.

Next Steps

  1. The request will be automatically routed:

    1. Verification of employment
    2. Departmental or college approval
    3. Functional offices that have security requested
  2. The Hourly Employee will have a new UAConnect username created. This account will be used only for the position for which the access was requested.
  3. The supervisor listed on the request is responsible for the hourly account. The employee's new username and password will be attached to the Supervisor's UARK account as a secondary account.
  4. The listed supervisor will receive an email when the Hourly Employee access has been assigned.
  5. The supervisor can pick up the hourly account password by going to and clicking Manage Department Accounts. After logging in, the hourly account will be found under Secondary Accounts.

   Access for Hourly or Part-Time Employees (pdf)