Approve Security Requests

When a security request is created and submitted, verification of the user's eligibility to access the system is processed. Once the user has been determined eligible, the request is routed electronically to the administrator(s) authorized by the college or unit.

To approve or deny a UAConnect security request:

  1. After logging in to UAConnect, go to the NavBar icon in the top right of the banner.
  2. Scroll down and select UA SIS Security then click UA Security Request.
  3. Select the Search an Existing Request tab and type in the employee's User ID. The User ID is the first part of the employee's UARK email and is included in the email that you received.
  4. Click Search to open the UA Connect Security Request for the user.
  5. Review the requested access. Make any notations regarding the requested security in the functional area note field.
  6. Scroll to the Approval group box and select either Approved or Declined from the Dean/Director Approval drop-down menu.
  7. Click Save.

Important! Receiving a message stating "No Matching Values Found" when searching for a request indicates that another approver for your area has already reviewed the request.

To add or remove an existing security approver, a Change Request should be emailed to the UAConnect Security Team.

  Approve Security Requests (pdf)