Query Manager Component Tabs

The pages in Query Manager enable you to tailor queries to retrieve data that is specific to your business needs. The following lists the Tab Name and the Purpose of the Query Manager pages:

  • Records: Select the records/tables to use in the query. At least one record must be selected before a query can be created.

  • Query: Select the fields needed for the query. At least one record and field must be selected before a query can be created.

  • Expressions: Create formulas to use with the query.

  • Prompt: Create runtime prompts.

  • Fields: View, edit, sort and reorder fields that appear in the query.

  • Criteria: Filter data to retrieve only those rows that are needed.

  • Having: Create criteria for fields that use aggregate functions.

  • Dependency: Specify if a record can be pruned during the SQL pruning process in composite query.

  • Transformations: A way of extracting, transforming and distributing data without the need to access any client tools.

  • View SQL: View the SQL that is generated when the query is created.

  • Run: View the results of the query.

  Query Manager Component Tabs (pdf)