Query Naming Convention

The University of Arkansas has defined a naming convention for queries that are developed in UAConnect. Knowing this naming convention should assist you in locating queries.

All UAConnect query names begin with UA_, followed by the characters that define the department or college, which is followed by another underscore. The remaining characters define the query more specifically.

Some examples of department conventions are:

  • AD = Undergraduate Admissions
  • SR = Student Records
  • SF = Student Financials
  • FA = Financial Aid
  • GR = Graduate School Admissions

Following is an example of a query using the correct naming convention: UA_AD_UGRD_APPLS

  1. UA_ The first part of the query name that is required on all University of Arkansas generated queries.
  2. AD_ The college or department creating the query. In this example, the department is Undergraduate Admissions.
  3. UGRD_APPLS Describes what the query does. In this example, it pulls undergraduate applications.

  Query Naming Convention (pdf)